2. Donate a Ball.

We want this day to impact not only our players and families, but to reach out into our community and beyond to help where we can!
So we are also inviting you to donate a new or lightly-used soccer ball.

We will work with the MYOBD crew to make sure this donated ball finds its way to the foot of a kid in a community where money, circumstances and life has not allowed him/her to have one before. As an official 501(c)3, we are hoping to donate as many soccer balls as possible and join in this movement by giving to our global soccer community. So…Make a ball // Donate a ball.


We did a run through in 2014 before we filed for nonprofit status, and we collected and gave away over 350 soccer balls.

In 2015, our goal is to collect and give away over 5000 soccer balls. So far we have had 1,550 soccer balls donated and we are excited for the impact these soccer balls will have!