Frequently Asked Questions.

  1. Who can put on a Make Your Own Ball Day event?
    • Anyone can put on a MYOBD event. A lot of times its a soccer club, high school or college team. But individuals can decide to participate and do it on their own. Anywhere someone makes a homemade soccer ball and plays soccer, we see that as being what we are trying to encourage!
  2. What is the cost of putting on the event?
    • It is free.
  3. What if I cannot do MYOBD on National Make Your Own Ball Day on the third Thursday of September?
    • If that day does not work for you, choose your own day and make it happen! We would love to support you and highlight your event so let us know either way!
  4. After our players donate soccer balls, then what happens?
    • MYOBD will work with you to find a place to send the soccer balls.
    • We will first look to find somewhere local that need soccer balls.
    • If there is no where local, we will work with you to have you send the balls to our headquarters in Indianapolis. 2150 Harbor Court, Greenwood, IN 46143
  5. Do you only collect soccer balls?
    • Kids around the world who are underserved would love any and all soccer gear collected. So yes, we love to get more soccer gear than just soccer balls
    • However, the shipping costs of extra gear is a considerable increase and we at MYOBD would have to coordinate with the host to make sure they can supplement some of those costs!
  6. Where do the donated soccer balls go?
    • MYOBD chooses who we work with carefully. With that being said, we are always on the look out for organizations using soccer as a platform for change. We look to see that these groups are putting kids first and that they have been consistent in doing what they say they are going to do for many years.
    • We have worked with Hope Road Nicaragua, YWAM Tijuana, Banda Bola Sports Foundation Malawi and Indianapolis Public Schools.
    • We want these soccer balls to inspire and lead to an active life, to education and to a friendship with a mentor!
  7. Can I go on a trip to Central America or Africa with the MYOBD crew to build a soccer field?!
    • Yes! Please come with us! We would love to have you on the adventure!
    • Email Mark Spiegel (our founder) for more details –