nica_round1-67Our goal with MYOBD is to teach not only the love of the game and the skills and fundamentals needed to play it, but also bigger life lessons like character, leadership and service. This day was created to get us to stop for a second and think about how lucky we are and to make us realize that the world does not revolve around us.

The day has its roots in an invitation to go overseas and serve at some orphanages in Uganda through MarkIMG_0499Spiegel’s church. While the trip for him eventually fell through, the impact of the research, the discussions, the videos (that seemed at that point more real) and heart change that happened in its wake played into dreaming of a day to recreate what was going on inside.

The day revolves around perspective and uses a soccer ball to allow us to hear and see the game in a new light.  We still play soccer but we see the game in a new, unique and humbling way. We go barefoot and play with the imperfect and misshapen soccer balls that we create. The process of making the ball is just as important, if not more important, than the actual scoring of goals on the day of the event. Part of the beauty of the event is helping start a conversation between players and parents as well as coaches and players about the hard issues going on in life.

The first ever “Make Your Own Ball Day” was held in September of 2012 at South Central Soccer Academy in Bargersville, Indiana.