Mission / Core Values

“A ball can change lives.”


MYOBD uses a ball to inspire kids to be thankful, to discover new perspectives and to give back.

The mission of Make Your Own Ball Day is change the world by positively impacting others with our personal passions and talents. 

  • Help kids discover their own passions and talents.
  • Inspire others to act and use their passions and talents to positively impact others.
  • Invite others into the world changing adventure.
  • Create new solutions to needs that we find through working with underserved communities around the world.



Banner Wide SCSA-009 Creativity is becoming an endangered talent. And MYOBD wants to foster the creativity of our youth and direct it towards solving problems and connecting people. It is our hope that creative players on the field can learn to be creative problem solvers off the field as well. By creating a ball, the player has ownership and control over how his/her ball looks and participates in a lesson of creating a solution to a problem that is real for far too many kids. The ball is the catalyst.

Connecting with new people, new ideas and new cultures allows you to gain perspective. By changing, broadening or experiencing a new perspective, we begin to understand the world around us in a whole new way. MYOBD believes that this is the key to growing as individuals.  By making a ball from scratch, players are able to connect and see the world through another player’s eyes.

nica fun soccerGiving is an action that puts others before ourselves. MYOBD believes that this action gives life to both the giver and receiver. We have experienced the joy and satisfaction that giving brings and we aim to challenge our players to do the same.  We believe action should follow truth. The giving of a ball is an action that allows a soccer player to give a fellow player the gift of play.

Playing is essential. Play satisfies our curiosity and need for exploration as well as establishes an avenue for our body to be active and engaged. Play promotes positive social interactions and healthy bodies. MYOBD takes play seriously and agrees that play is an essential part in personal development. We see the formula to be as simple as: a ball + kids = play.

Empowering others allows the impact we have on the world to multiply. The new perspective gained should not make us pity our new friends around the world, rather we encourage young players to be thankful and empowered. Through giving, donating, going and sharing out of abundance, we hope that others see that enacting change in this world is possible. For us, using your passions and talents to positively impact others is the strongest thing we can do for one another!