Make Your Own Field


We are currently crowdfunding our third field, located in Malawi, Africa and our fourth field, located in Gary, Indiana. By donating $100, you are giving the gift of play and solidifying a legacy of generosity and empathy. We cannot change the world without you so please donate today!

Make Your Own Field 

MYOBD started to pursue the dream of building safe places for kids to play in 2016. MYOBD targets underserved communities worldwide and establishes relationships with local organizations who are using soccer as a platform to positively impact the kids in their area. The first two fields were both built in Managua, Nicaragua and the next two are currently being crowdfunded. 

#1 – Managua, Nicaragua (completed March 2016)

#2 – Managua, Nicaragua (completed March 2017)

#3 – Malawi, Africa – Crowdfunding started (Build dates December of 2017)

#4 – Gary, Indiana  – Crowdfunding started (Build dates TBD)

Join our MYOField 3 and 4 Teams!

To make all of this happen we need you! We would like to invite you to continue to help us change the world, gain another star and continue to build a legacy of play and hope!

Individuals: (2 opportunities to give)


  1. Donate $100 and join our team. We are currently crowdfunding for our third and fourth field so donate $200 to directly fund both of them!
  2. Get an awesome MYOField Team Shirt!
  3. Be a part of our team that is changing the lives of hundreds of under-served children in the poorest country in Central America.

Team Captains: This year our goal is to have 20 Team Captains join our team.

  1. Donate $100 and join our team
  2. Get an awesome MYOField Team Shirt!
  3. Be a leader in our crowd funding process. Inspire and invite 10 others to join our team as Teammates.
  4. As a Team Captain you will be a catalyst for 11 World Changers joining our team!
  5. Choosing to be a Team Captain is for World Changers who desire to be more involved in our MYOField process.
  6. We encourage Team Captains to ask family, friends, neighbors, coworkers or World Changers from last year to join us as we change the world!
  7. If you want to be a Team Captain, please email Mark Spiegel as soon as possible!

Want to give more?

  • Due to numerous businesses and individuals wanting to join and give more than $100, we are offering some new creative ways to give! Business and individuals wanted to donate $500, $1,000, $5,000 or more, please email Mark Spiegel and you will be given a breakdown of partnership levels!

Where to send the money donation:

  1. Go to and conveniently donated digitally with PayPal.
  2. Additionally, you may pay by check, please make it out to: “Make Your Own Ball Day” and mail it to 2150 Harbor Court, Greenwood, IN 46143



The concept. “Make Your Own Field”

  1. Find a Location
  2. Make a Team.
  3. Build a Field.
  4. Leave a Legacy.



We are passionate about equipping and helping underserved kids all around the world to play the game they love. We will be working with our partner organizations to identify opportunities to love on kids through the building of safe places to play.



Our team consists of shakers, movers, world-changers, dreamers, and go-getters. A 100 dollar membership donation gets you a spot on this world-changing team. And the team will be capped at the number it takes to reach the field costs. A field costs 20,800 dollars so we will be assembling Banner Wide SCSA-083an amazing team of 208 to fund it and make it happen. All 100 dollars of your membership fees will go directly into the field

***Being a part of the team will get you a team jersey, a spot on a team who’s legacy is one of global importance, and your name on a plaque at the field when its built!



A safe place to play is a rare commodity in too many places. Amidst our travel, we have field in nicaseen and played in soccer games on the side of mountains, in the middle of busy streets, in alleys, and atop parking garages. The world’s game is being played anywhere and everywhere and we want to make a safe spot for kids in as many locations as we can. We see the key to this process as being able to identify trustworthy partnering organizations and provide transparent process details. We want our team members to see the entire process and be assured that their membership donations are going directly into the fields themselves.



At MYOBD we are apart of something bigger than ourselves. And we love to invite others into that. We are apart of a movement that is giving the gift of play to kids who desperately want it. We are creating an impact on a global scale and making it possible for kids to help nica fun soccerkids in the process. We are chasing dreams and hopefully inspiring others to not only chase theirs but dream bigger ones altogether. Our hope is that our legacy is one of generosity, of genuine relationships, of education and fitness and of love.

And there it is…Another world-changing-crazy-adventurous-fun-epic-sweet dream that our MYOBD crew has. A legacy of giving the gift of play to every kid who wants it and to provide safe places for them to do just that, play.