Put on Your Own Event


MYOBD is very excited about sharing our event for free with the world. The information below will provide you the necessary details to put on your own MYOBD event. We are hoping to make a huge global impact this year and the years to come.

Before checking out the event packet, take a gander at our latest MYOBD videos to see how other clubs have done the MYOBD event in the past! (Click on the links below)

We have provided all the information you will need in a google doc.

Once on the google doc, you will see

  • Logos – a folder full of our high res images just in case you want to create handouts or share it on your webpage. 
  • Email Sample – sample email that we send out to our parents. Please feel free to copy and paste what you like and change what you do not! (Click on for pdf)
  • HOW TO – a step by step process in putting on your own event. (click on for pdf)
  • MYOBD History – look into the MYOBD past to understand us and what we are doing. (click for pdf)
  • MYOBD Mission  – breakdown of what we believe in. This is very important to us because we are more than just a fun event, we believe a ball can change lives.  (click for pdf)
  • Press Release – a sample write up about the event for customize and share with local media.  (click for pdf)

Thanks for showing interest in our event! Please contact us with any questions or concerns surrounding your event!


Mark Spiegel (founder)

“A ball can change lives”