MYOBD in the Press

1.“Make YoIN Soccer_Logo_fullcolorur Own Ball” Initiative Instills More Than Just Soccer Fundamentals

(Throughout the month of September, soccer enthusiasts all across the U.S. took part in Youth Soccer Month, a national program designed to highlight and spread awareness of the benefits of youth soccer. Wanting to organize a creative event, coaches and players of Indianapolis-based South Central Soccer Academy (SCSA) thought of something unique: ‘Make Your Own Ball Night’… – Steve Franklin )

2. Want to Encourage Free Play?soccer-wire249-118

(There is a vigorous debate going on in the soccer world these days about the balance between proper training and free play. As you will see from my previous articles on the subject, I am a huge advocate of free play, both within an organized change the gametraining session, and by creating an environment that encourages kids to go out and start up a game on their own… – John O’Sullivan, Changing the Game Project founder)



NSCAA Logo  3. Our video shared by NSCAA on twitter and on lockerdome

The NSCAA works every day to inspire coaches and ignite their passion for the game so they pass it on to players and others in the soccer community. And MYOBD is so excited about our partnership with them.


franklin college4. Men’s Soccer Players Participate in ‘Make Your Own Ball Night’ Program. 

(Columbus, Ind. – The Franklin College men’s soccer team joined the Columbus express under 12 boys soccer team to participate in “MYOBD” on Thursday, September 18, 2014…)


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5. Indiana Soccer Players Hold “Make Your Own Ball” Initiative

September was Youth Soccer Month and players, coaches and soccer enthusiasts came together across the nation to celebrate the sport they love.

South Central Soccer Academy (SCSA) got creative with a “Make Your Own Ball Night” where players constructed their very own soccer balls. They also learned to appreciate the opportunities they have to play soccer while thousands of children around the world do not…